Aragami 2 Video Game – A crouching tiger ?

Ninjas, stealth and the stealth genre can be compared to PB&J sandwiches. Although it may contain stale bread, the mix is strong enough to overpower any other flavors. Aragami2 is the exception to this rule. This third-person adventure in sleuth is great fun, especially when you are exploring the serpentine levels and removing evil-doers using some creative supernatural abilities. You can even have a lot of fun with your buddy while you hip-tossing through the campaign together. Aragami 2 doesn’t have the story to be a legend. There are too many bugs, repetitive missions and a weak story. Also take a look at their another game called Yohoho.

Aragami 2, set in war-torn, feudal fantasy country Rashomon, puts you in the shoes of a heroic hero as they attempt to save Kurotsuba’s clan from a miasma, which is death and disease. It appears that a rival clan called the Akatsuchi is determined to eradicate any opposition, regardless of how violent things get. Aragami 2 has a knack for creating compelling stories that involve spiritualism. However, the campaign lasts just 15 hours. It’s just superficial set dressing to justify why you are dragging your armored men around the country. As a silver lining you don’t even need to know the story from the first game in order to enjoy this sequel.

This doesn’t stop Aragami 2 from having fun exploring enemy encampments. I find that the best way of approaching levels is to gain a good overview from high ground. Then, proceed with the most sneaky attack plan. It is a good idea to climb up the siding to gain access through a window so that you can silently take down any assassination targets located on second floors. You can also use back alleyways to get behind guards if you need to take out more than one. Aragami 2’s levels are full of labyrinthine elements that encourage creative, meticulous strategies. These strategies are fun to execute.

Aragami 2 does a fantastic job of being a sneaky assassin ninja, but there are some serious mistakes that can ruin any fun. It’s great to be able to sneak around in levels, especially with good company. However, it becomes tedious to go back to the same levels repeatedly for the sake of a lengthy campaign. Add in some nasty melee brawls with sometimes-deadly bugs and you have proof that even ninjas cannot carry it all. Aragami 2 was something I really wanted to love. But, it left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

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